My name is Inga NemÅ¡e. I started making my own perfumes 8 years ago because of my allergies and concern about the toxicity of industrially made products. Amethyst by Lalique was my inspiration: I created my first natural perfume from a mix of essential oils, trying to imitate this particular fragrance. Certainly the result was different, but I fell in love with essential oils and started to learn aromatherapy. Soon I started making also my own cosmetics: facial creams, body lotions, lip balms and many other products from natural ingredients. My family and friends have been using my products since then, and I have decided to offer my skills and knowledge also to other people.

I also organize creative workshops for small groups where the participants can mix their own perfume or  body scrub (or some other cosmetic products) from natural ingredients or make a smudgestick from herbs hand-picked in Latvia.
In 2016 I created the brand of Latvian Aroma-Essence which stands for quality hand-made cosmetics created from natural ingredients.

I continue my studies of aromatherapy, currently as a distance learning student at the Centre of Excellence in UK.