Chakra Oil Blends

CHAKRA OIL BLENDS by  Latvian Aroma-Essence are 100% natural body oils for balancing chakras. To harmonize a particular chakra, apply the corresponding Chakra Oil Blend in the area of the chakra, or on your feet or wrists (preferably on a wet skin). Chakra Oil Blends heal both your physical and energetic bodies by eliminating the blockages and renewing the energy flow.

Chakra Oil Blends are produced from natural cold pressed jojoba oil by adding to it high quality essential oils vibrating on a particular frequency. Each essential oil has a particular vibrational frequency (52 – 580 MHz), therefore a blend for each chakra can be made by combining appropriate essential oils. Chakra Oil Blends are produced by Latvian Aromatherpist Inga Nemše. 

You can order Chakra Oil Blends by filling in the order form on the Contacts Page or calling Inga Nemše +371 2928 7654.