My name is INGA NEMŠE. I started my journey into the vast world of aromatherapy 9 years ago by creating my first natural perfume from a mix of essential oils. Amethyst by Lalique was my inspiration and I tried to imitate it. Certainly the result was different, but I fell in love with essential oils and started learning aromatherapy. Because of my allergies and concern about the toxicity of industrially made products I started making also my own natural cosmetics: facial creams, body lotions, lip balms and many other products.
In 2016 I created the brand of LATVIAN AROMA-ESSENCE which stands for quality hand-made cosmetics and perfumes made of natural ingredients. You can order your natural individualized cream or perfume or mix your own during a creative workshop together with your friends or  colleagues.

I'm a Slow Beauty concept advocate and truly believe that human skin, as well as whole body needs natural things to be healthy and beautiful. Reconnection with nature, mindfulness and self-love is what we all need most of all.

Whenever you are ready to start working with essential oils, I can help you in various ways.
The TEST OF AROMADIAGNOSTICS is an excellent method for finding out those essential oils which are most useful for you in the particular period of your life. The CELESTIAL  AROMATHERAPY linked to the Vedic Astrology  and MEDITATION WITH ESSENTIAL OILS can be used for a deeper understanding of your problems and bringing harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

I'm looking forward to meet you soon during an individual consultation or creative workshop!


You can request your creative workshop or an individual consultation by filling in the Request Form on the Contacts Page, sending an e-mail to [email protected]
or calling Inga Nemše:
+371 2928 7654


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